Black Death Even Impressed Us

This is a fact that European population declined by 25 to 50 percent in fourteenth century because of diseases. This situation shows that disease played a major role. If we explain, the Plague reached Europe in October 1347 from island of Sicily and quickly spread to all Europe. After this date, Europe’s economicsocial and cultural structure has changed completely.

Firstly, many people believed that the plague had either been sourced by God because of human’s sins. Some groups began to kill Jew, foreigners, beggars etc. As a result, Pope Clement VI condemned them. However, lots of Jews villages were destroyed and they were forced to emigrate. Violence came into view to be more common after the plague than before.

Economically, a serious labour shortage caused a theatrical increase in the price of labour. Accordingly, decline in population demoralized the demand for agriculture produce, resulting in falling prices for production. And, It was began economic hardship and lower standards of living.

In 1358, peasant began to revolt against the governments. Both the French and English forces followed a deliberate policy of laying waste to peasants’ land. Because many aristocrats looked on peasant with under contempt, the peasants-rebels burned down the manor house of aristocrats, lawyers and government officers.

In the cities and urban areas, revolts were softer than outside of city. Industrialists paid low wages, and then workers began working un-efficiently. So, In 1370s the woollen industry was depressed. The workers’ won some concessions from the municipal government. The rural and urban revolts of the fourteenth century ushered in a spirit of social conflict in Europe.

Moreover, The Black Death had a visible impact on art. Art began to concentrate on pain and death. The expressive faces and physically realistic bodies gave his figures human qualities. Also, the effects of plague were felt in urban life such as emergence of nuclear families. Another effect was that in the cities opened up new jobs opportunities for women because many male workers were died.

Our question was that climate and disease did effect producing social, economic, and political changes in the fourteenth century. Each of above the examples shows that all situations were effected from disease-black death in fourteenth century. Social and community events were increased, the economies worsened and this situation has triggered some of the bad notion like Anti-Semitism.

The effect of all these situations, The Hundred Years’ War was begun in the end of fourteenth century. After the war, the importance of Church was declined and New Europe began to take shape such as Western Europe: France and England, The German Monarchy, The States of Italy.

This new situation even affected World War 1 and all events in Europe. Also, European Union has created on the basis coming from fourteenth century like peace, human rights, secularism etc. Therefore we can say that Black Death even impressed us.



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