Open Letter to EU about the Visa Regulation

To whom it may concern,

I’m a young person from Turkey who was wishing to apply for Schengen visa from the Spanish Consulate in Istanbul.

Purpose of visit was participating the seminar, under the European Commission Youth in Action Programme, which was going to take place 13th-19th March 2014 in Salamanca.

In order to apply Schengen visa, I took reservation from VFS Global that is Visa Application Company which is Spanish Consulate work with in Turkey.

In the day of application, during the visa interview; I presented all necessary documents to authorized person. She said all necessary documents are complete, only thing that you should pay visa fee and service fee. I’ve stated that I’ve got 5 Schengen visas and 2 visas from non-Schengen EU States before, and I’ve not pay any visa fee for them because I’m under 26, participating in seminars organised by non-profit organization even these are funded by European Commission. “Open Letter to EU about the Visa Regulation” yazısını okumaya devam et

The Future of the Eurozone

multispeedI prepared the presentation about Euro Crisis and focused on emerging scenarios from the crisis. I presented it in 20.03.2013, at course “Current Issues in EU Politics” lectured by Dr. Selcen Öner in Bahçeşehir University.

The presentation includes four scenarios these are Struggling on the CrisesBreak-up of the EurozoneCore Europe (Multi-speed)Fiscal Union Completed (Federal Europe).multispeed2

I gave the information Today’s Europe and Global Trends, also I compared the four scenarios to see which one is the best option for Europe.

Lastly, I mirrored the arguments of the people who think FOR and AGAINST a two-speed Europe! “The Future of the Eurozone” yazısını okumaya devam et