Opinions of people in Diyarbakir regarding Turkey’s EU Accession

diyaeabThe survey was realized by the participants of the training course titled “European Citizenship” that was aimed to support the professional development of youth workers and youth leaders by extending their critical understanding of European Citizenship, exploring and experiencing its potential and by enabling them to recognise and integrate European Citizenship in their youth works.

The training course was in Diyarbakır between 18-22 May, organised by Turkish National Agency which carries out EU Commission’s Lifelong Learning and Youth in Action programmes in Turkey, there were 24 participants coming from different parts of Turkey. The survey was prepared as part of the training by 12 participants of all, and the questions were asked to people who live in city center of Diyarbakır; they have varied ages from 16 to 72, different income levels and educational backgrounds, and occupational groups. Total number of people answered the questions is 142. “Opinions of people in Diyarbakir regarding Turkey’s EU Accession” yazısını okumaya devam et