About me

Hello, this is İlker Girit,

  • born in the rural district of Çayeli in northeastern Turkey,
  • met Istanbul, the World’s one of the most inspiring cities, at the age of 5,
  • received Bachelor’s Degree in European Union Studies,
  • having 8 years of volunteer experiences in NGOs and international organizations,
  • attended many conferences, training courses and youth projects in 11 countries,
  • working in Turkey’s international news agency, Anadolu Agency,  which broadcasts in 13 languages


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  • member and benefactor of the Sen-De-Gel Association, which carries out sustainable development projects in the least developed countries like Gambia and Senegal,
  • council member of the Çayeli Foundation, which regularly gives a scholarship to over 700 financially challenged university students every year,
  • deputy chair and Y20 coordinator of the Youth Commission for Diplomacy and Collaboration,

2015 Y20 Türkiye Zirvesi

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  • selected as the chairman of the European Union Affairs Commission at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Youth Assembly,
  • realized international projects, which were primarily financed by the European Union, on the topics of social entrepreneurship, democracy, and volunteerism,
  • participated in international training courses and conferences in Poland, Turkey, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Northern Cyprus, Romania, Greece, and Kosovo respectively,
  • enrolled in the trainer pool of Turkish National Agency, which carries out European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme in Turkey, as a freelancer,
  • worked at Turkish Armed Forces as reserve artillery officer for one year,

🚲 Daily life in #Washington D.C.

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  • well experienced in project cycling management, and event organization,
  • having experiences in business follow-up, planning, and reporting,
  • having skills in leadership, public speaking and making presentation,
  • professional user of Microsoft Office and many Google products,
  • well-versed in setting up a website,

Geçen ay kaybolan Roberto bulunmuş. 👍#clashofclans

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  • follows technological developments,
  • loves traveling and taking photos,
  • uses Nikon D5600 DSLR,
  • reporter, video editor, photographer, and blog writer,
  • expert on European Union affairs.

Map of journeys — traveled to Poland, the UK, and Kosovo for training courses; Germany, Greece, and Romania for exchange projects; Belgium, Russia, Cyprus and the USA for conferences; joined volunteer project in Bosnia and Herzegovina; and traveled to France, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, and Georgia for sightseeing.