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The Future of the Eurozone

multispeedThis presentation, delivered on 20th March 2013 for the course “Current Issues in EU Politics” at Bahçeşehir University, offers an in-depth analysis of the future of the Eurozone amid ongoing crises. Focusing on four plausible scenarios—Struggling on the Crises, Break-up of the Eurozone, Core Europe (Multi-speed), and Fiscal Union Completed (Federal Europe)—the presentation evaluates their viability in the context of current European and global economic trends. Comparative analysis reveals the strengths and weaknesses associated with each scenario in terms of GDP growth, unemployment, financial stability, and long-term sustainability. The presentation also engages with the concept of a “Multi-speed Europe,” examining its implications for the EU’s future, particularly in light of widening and deepening after the Cold War and eastward enlargement. Finally, the presentation presents arguments for and against the concept of a two-speed Europe, incorporating viewpoints that discuss the feasibility, inclusivity, and efficiency of such an approach. The objective is to provide a holistic understanding of the emerging scenarios from the Eurozone crisis and to gauge the best possible pathway for a stable and prosperous Europe.

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